Locksmith North York

Rekey Locks

Are you thinking about replacing the locks at your home or business? Don’t rush into a decision. We will send a certified locksmith to rekey locks in North York, Ontario. The rekeying process can save you money. With this service, the locks are altered to use a new set of keys. You don’t need to replace a perfectly good lock. This service comes in handy when your employee or roommate leaves with keys to your door. Did a tenant move out of a property and not return the keys?

Rekey Locks North York

Let us send a pro to rekey the locks and the problem is solved. Replace the keys; save the lock. It is a good alternative to a common problem. Give us a call today. We send a locksmith quickly and the van equipped with key replacement products, the required equipment, and the experience to rekey with accuracy.

Choose us to send a pro to rekey locks in North York

Why choose us to send a pro to rekey locks in North York, ON? The simple answer comes down to quality. We send a locksmith that uses quality products to ensure the best service possible. This requires the right tools and skills to do the job right. We don’t send any run of the mill North York locksmith. We send a qualified lock and key specialist. There is a reason our company is respected. We put our customers first. Let us send a pro for your lock rekey service today.

Consider a master key system

Do you own or operate a business? Would you like to control who gets keys to access specific areas? You should consider getting a master key system. This system puts you in control. There are certain areas in your business that require specific access. All employees may not need keys to the offices. Office personnel may not need keys to the warehouse. Not every employee needs a key to the lab or supply closet. With a master system, you decide who is issued a key to what. You have access to all locations. And let us assure you. Such systems are great at residential properties, too. Let us send a locksmith in North York to explain your options.

Call us to get a key change service

Did you lose your keys? Don’t worry. Key change service is a phone call away. We will send a locksmith to produce a new set of keys and rekey the locks – to be on the safe side. The mobile units are equipped with key cutting machines and the tools needed for such services. Get in touch with our North York rekey locks team today.