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Lock Change

Particularly responsive when there’s a service request for lock change in North York, Ontario, our company puts your worries and troubles behind in no time flat. Even if you want some locks replaced just as a precaution, you don’t have to wait for long. You just need to call us. And when the situation is rather time-sensitive and a lock must go in a quick manner, you don’t despair. Once again, you contact our team, say what happened, and book a local locksmith. At North York Locksmith, we address all situations and do so with the utmost professionalism.

Time for lock change? North York’s best locksmith will be there

Lock Change North York

Do turn to us for lock change service in North York. Like all things, locks have a limited lifespan. If yours suddenly makes odd noises or clicks when the key is turned, let’s make an appointment for its replacement. More often than not, people decide to have their locks replaced when they cannot protect well anymore. Or, when they become pretty damaged. When it comes to the locks of main entry points, their occasional replacement is a good thing – security-wise. And you can count on our team for the replacement of any lock.

  •          Cabinets locks
  •          Front door locks
  •          Interior door locks
  •          Car locks
  •          Mail box locks

And not only do you get service as soon as it is suitable for you but also the cabinet or deadbolt installation performed with precision – by the product’s specs.

Need a lock replaced urgently? No problem. Just call now

The truth is that there’s often a need for emergency lock replacement. That’s when the lock is broken, damaged, or tampered with – one way or another. In such cases – and even more when this is the lock of a main entry point, the response is even quicker. The locksmiths carry the equipment they need to replace locks on the spot. And so, your troubles go away quickly and for good. That’s because they complete the lock installation to a T.

Want a key changed and the lock rekeyed? We’ll serve in no time

Chances are also high that you need key change – not lock change. That’s when the key is the problem – not the lock. Assuming that the lock is fine but the key is missing, the lock must be rekeyed and a new key must be cut. Lock rekey is also needed when the customer wishes to operate some doors with the same key. And so, the service can be scheduled at your convenience or offered right away – if this is an emergency. When key and lock repair services cannot fix the situation, the lock or the key changes.

With our team around, there’s no need for worries. The moment you say that you need key or lock change, North York’s most qualified pro is sent your way. If that’s what you need right now, simply call our company and tell us so.